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About Us

Story About US

Our mission to our clients is to provide them with fast, easy, efficient and smart way of selling their cars. At the same time, we provide our employees with a fun and amazing work environment.
Sell Your Car Sydney is transforming the way you buy and sell your cars with e-commerce, wholesale, financial, software and industry-leading digital marketing solutions for automotive ecosystem, manufacturers, consumers and dealers worldwide.
We are a reputable buyer that buys our cars from third party private and corporate organizations. We buy a wide range of vehicles, buses and commercial vans. We have a simple policy. If you want to sell a car, we will buy it.
We won’t hesitate to make an offer, it is now left for you to accept or reject it. We don’t pressurize car owners to accept our cars; at the same time we don’t motivate them to sell their cars if they don’t want to do so.
Over the years, we have built solid reputation on the way we offer fair pricing options on cars. We try as much as possible to beat the prices offered by our competitors by making sure that we put all factors into consideration when making the car offers.
Sell your car Sydney is a great buyer that derives maximum pleasure in buying cars. We receive hundreds of calls from interested car owners who want to sell their cars. We simply assess the car and then make a considerable immediate car offer on it. Interested car sellers can contact us over the phone or online by sending an email to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cars do you buy?

We buy cars of all models and makes regardless of their age and condition. We also buy damaged cars, new cars, sports cars, luxury cars and vehicles that are still roadworthy.

How fast do you make a car offer?

Our offers are friendly, efficient and fast. When you contact Sell Your Car Sydney, we will make cash offer to you in less than 30 minutes.

Will I be asked to pay for towing fee?

No. If we will be towing your vehicle to our location, we won’t ask you to pay for any towing fee.

Contact Us Today

Contact us today; we will be 100% ready to buy your unwanted car promptly. We will offer you smarter, easier, and faster way of selling your car. When you sell your car to us, you can be rest assured you are dealing with transparent and honest people.

When can I get my cash?

Sell your car Sydney are highly professional. You will be paid promptly. You will get your cash on the spot after agreeing on our cash offer.

Must I be present before you collect the vehicle?

Absolutely No. With your express permission, our team can arrange to collect the car in your absence. But, we will like you to provide us with necessary details such as title of ownership, evidence of photo identity card before we collect the vehicle.

What areas do you service?

We serve the whole of Sydney. Very soon, we will be expanding to surrounding locations.

What do you do with scrap, accident and junk cars?

If a car was involved in a ghastly accident and/ or damaged beyond repair, we will recycle the car. Our recycling process is eco-friendly, fast, reliable and highly efficient.